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Kid's & Youth Ministry

New wine hosts a weekly Sunday School from nursery age right through to High School.  The last Sunday of the month is a little different with a family service for everyone together.  In recent years the youth have worked hard on nativity performances, church takeover days, and Good Friday dance routines. We hope to expand on our existing set up as we return after lockdown and are excited to see where God takes us. Watch this space!

Worship Ministry 

Our worship team has grown and changed a lot over the past few years and we are now able to bring weekly live music from various worship leaders.  As we move toward being able to worship together again in person, we look forward to the opportunity of worshipping with the whole band more often, a real blessing!

Image by Matt Botsford
Image by Patrick Fore
Prayer Ministry

Prayer isn't a last resort, it's a lifestyle.  Weekly prayer meetings give us the opportunity to seek God corporately and encourage each other in faith with testimonies and fellowship.  

Women's Ministry

As Christian women we want to help each other grow up into the fullness of Christ.  Our local body consists of women of all ages in all stages of life.  Let's fellowship together, supporting one another and bringing hope in Christ into our communities.

Image by Becca Tapert
Image by Jack Sharp
Men's Ministry

As a group of men, following God's word, we need to remember the importance of gathering together to encourage and support one another.  We come from all walks and stages of life, and each have something unique to give, let us sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron, and make a difference to everyone we encounter.

Community Ministry

At New Wine, we realise the importance of community and make local outreach part of our mission.  We are involved with a number of different charities and community initiatives and look to broaden our horizons even further in the coming months. 

Praying Together
Saturday Market.jpeg
Kingdom Creations

  Back in 2014 God encouraged us to embrace and celebrate our creative skills. We had a short time of having an art group which was well attended but God wanted us to acknowledge His diversity of creativity and finally in September 2020 we began to show case the many different giftings within our congregation on our Facebook page. This year 2021 we have taken it a step further and have a stall at the community market in the middle of town once a month.

  Many people have asked us if we are raising raising money for the church the answer is NO. The Lord never asked us to do this for Him and wants us to do it with Him. So each individual who sells anything gives a donation towards the foreign mission we support in Tororo, Uganda. The church pays for the pitch. It is wonderful to be in the market place connecting with the wider community and being comfortable and confident with who we are, while cultivating our hearts and minds to be a blessing to all He brings across our paths.

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